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Process Materials辅料产品

Our Mission is simple, deliver safe products to customer.安全在心,使命必达。

SIBENS is concentrated on high temperature(>180°C) curing process for Autoclave for a long time. The other medium temperature(<150°C) process materials for vacuum bagging operation are also developed. At present, nearly 115 different kinds of process resources have been tested and got feedback. Therefore,SIBENS has built a Qualified-Materials-Catalogue(QMC),Customer could select directly from QMC under certain process conditions.


SIBENS is also interested in new materials development. New materials are not only giving better operability, but also help SIBENS remain invincible in the competitive market. SIBNES is benefit from the growth and R&D projects. Therefore, SIBENS is quite open-mind and welcome new materials to enter QMC all over the world.